We are Uniqconsult LLC.

We Provide Investment Solutions and Project Funding Services Across Africa. We also will get you into the Oil and Gas Industries of Nigeria and Angola.

Contact Us: We are an international consulting company with perfect reputation, long-term experience and multiple network across the globe. Become our partner and gain access to African Investment World- the best Investment Destination with the highest return on Investment. 


UNIQCONSULT LLC,  USA is a company with a team of planners, managers, strategists and professionals from diverse disciplines with contemporary skills on uniquely global scale. Our agency will take on complex strategic projects in order to simplify and achieve success for our clients. The management skill in Uniqconsult is designed to greatly improve the performance of our clients through the application of a committed sustainable approach to all projects. We render advices and services on strategic decisions and projects which have implications on local, regional and national economic development of a people. Ours is to hear from the client and then develop a high result-oriented approach designed to achieve the desired result.

Walk across borders – UNIQCONSULT partners in a worldwide union.

                                               About Us

           UNIQCONSULT LLC, USA is an American based investment consulting company with focus on Africa and concentration

           on West Africa. The Leadership of the team has Prof. John Kester as the President. With expertise, skills and consolidated

           networks, we have the reach to decision makers and leaders of governments. Read categories below, to understand our



What We Do

Uniqconsult will work hard to fully understand business objectives: (INVESTMENT, PROJECTS FUNDING WITH EPC, PARTNERSHIPS AND TRADING) market challenges and brand values:- Here, we will connect your business programs to your brand. By extension, we will seek and represent clients’ business interest with flexibility and support where they need it, how they need it and when they need it.


Network Locations


 2. USA







OUR AFRICAN CONCENTRATION: West Africa, Angola, Central Africa, Chad, Cameroon and East Africa.


 African Investment        Opportunities 

•Mass Housing 

.Petrochemical Industry


.Oil and Gas

.Hospitality Industry



•EPC with Project Financing


Our Service 

Simplifying access to decision makers and securing the desired results in any chosen investment area. We also engage on a background discussions to ease agreement for our clients. Talk to us, and we will get the result you seek for your investments, partnerships and tradings. 

Our Team

John Franklin

Barbara Nilson

Mark Pool

Jessica Right

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    Striving to excellence in everything we do for your success
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    Developing high-impact investment solutions for all: GOVERNMENTS, COMPANIES AND ORGANIZATIONS.

The Skills

of our trainees have got a prestigious job

participants established successful business

have got an ascent

have already earned their first million


   We in Uniqconsult will simplify access to decision makers and secure the desired results in

                                                          any chosen investment area.  We also engage on background discussions to ease agreements

                                                          for our clients. Talk to us, and we will get the results you seek from your investments, partnerships

                                                          and tradings. African Investments require understanding of African cultures, as well as business


                                                          On purchase of Petroleum products specifically, we have access to Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation 

                                                          as well as to Sonangol, Angola. Upon confirmation of proof of funds and trading capabilities, we will have you

                                                          engaged with the appropriate agreement by our attorney, Gary Riebschlager from Texas. 

                                                          Be our partner.!


                                                     Gary's Riebschlager Law firm will close every oil trading engagement between our clients and NNPC or SONANGOL

                                                                                                                                                       Riebschlager Law Firm

                                                                                                                      601 Sawyer St. Suite 600
                                                                                                                      Houston, TX 77007
                                                                                                                      Tel. 713-343-8893


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                                                                                                                          Telephone: +1-678-900-2680                       






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